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Personal Service

We pride ourselves on offering our clients the best in personal attention and service. With over 30 years of experience , Bruce Chalmers, can guide you through the selection, fitting, tailoring and accessorizing of the the finest in men's clothing. Even special orders for merchandise not currently in stock are no problem and generally arrive within just a few days after placing your order.

You will find Bruce extremely knowlegeable and attentive -- when you need him. But Bruce and his shop are comfortable and commited to the fine art of "browsing". Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or simply want to come-in and have a look around. You will always be warmly welcomed at H. Strauss Clothiers.

Custom Tailoring

When you buy an article of clothing from us, you are assured of the highest quality custom tailoring to ensure a perfect fit. All of our fitting and tailoring is done right here at H. Strauss.  Lost a little weight?  Put on a few pounds over the holidays? No problem.  While we provide tailoring services only to our existing clients and customers, we will support you with future alterations, at very reasonable cost, for as long as you own the garment.

"The Club"

The H. Strauss Clothing Club, is a special service provided to our best customers. By joining the H. Strauss Clothing Club, you agree to make a small monthly investment to your personal clothing fund with H. Strauss. When you then use your Club account to make purchases through H. Strauss, you will recieve an instant 20 percent discount on all non-sale merchandise -- including suits, sport jackets, shirts, casual wear sox, shoes and accessories.

Your monthly investment in the H. Strauss Clothing Club, is an easy and relatively painless way to build a designated reserve of money for the purchase of fine clothing through H. Strauss. By being an H. Strauss Clothing Club member, you will receive your special 20 percent discount on all non-sale merchandise -- including special orders -- when items are purchased using the funds that have built-up in your Club account.

For more information, or to join the Club, give Bruce a call at 733-7475 or just stop by the store.